March 28, 2012

Photo of the day: 143

Another series of photos from the first day or two in Estes Park last week. More rusted wires and weather-beaten posts. At least my aesthetic demands are simple.

White birch in late winter on the river walk. Good pinks and grays. Hmm, where is the pink coming from?

There was a bit of a forest fire at some point along this fence row. When I walk along the road through these mountain cabins that I covet, forest fire is the second thing on my mind (after the coveting).

Rusty wires at close range always look like they’re made from melted crayons.

Last fall’s pine needles and this spring’s blue sky.

Ponderosa pines have manly bark. Meaning scaly and rough, I suppose.

Old post and old grass blade in clean focus, trailing off to dreamy animation in lower frame.

Wild grass seeds popping in late afternoon light.

New blue steel knotted in old post.

Another bowl from the glassblower’s shop. Gives me a hankering for Good ‘n’ Plenty.

Another few from the florist/lady’s second-hand store, where I passed the afternoon not shopping.

Waxy succulent in red pot fading to a tasty bokeh.

Jeanne really liked this pink and yellow hydrangea, while I favored the weird blue and green stuff going on above and below it.


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