March 26, 2012

Photo of the day: 142

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Jeanne and I spent last week at our friends’ cabin in Estes Park, Colorado. The river below the cabin was still half iced over, but in the middle the water flowed freely over orange and green rocks. The sun was acute in the west. I walked tenderly over the ice and lay down on a big boulder to get down tight on the water surface. All around me our boys, their girlfriends, Jeanne’s niece and her fiance, our sister-in-law Gail, Jeanne, and two dogs were playing on the snow and throwing rocks in the water.

One of the two dogs: Amanda’s malamute puppy.

Always a sucker for simple little weeds, and an inclination toward negative exposure adjustment.

Remnant of wire fence in an old post at the top of the trail. Gail pointed at it as we hiked past and said, “You should take pictures.”

Nail in the post.

Two nails in the post.

Fun solar flare, early morning through the pine tree.

We visited a glass blower in town. He said he didn’t mind if I took photos–this one is a platter already finished, hanging on the wall, reflecting an orange light.

Jeanne found a second-hand shop in town, with a florist in the front half of the store. I made the best of it–the florist said she wouldn’t mind me crawling all over the place with camera in hand.

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