March 13, 2012

Photo of the day: 136 (Mombasa 2)

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These young ladies were talking together on a bench in front of the high wall of the church I was visiting in Mombasa. Partially hidden by greenery, it was a perfect hide-out. They didn’t seem to mind the camera entirely.

The children’s choir practicing in the courtyard.

One very collected baby.

Meanwhile, hanging out on the front porch…

I love her smile.

One of my very favorite Kenyans, the serious Robert Adie…

…and his less serious twin.

This lady has just washed the church steps, while dressed in her Sunday clothes, and is now cleaning her feet before putting her nice shoes back on.

More shots from the van on the way back to our lodging. Pretty good tin recycling scheme–just nail it up again.

The market is wherever it chooses to be.

School uniforms.

Different school uniform.

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