December 12, 2011

Photo of the day: 106 (Kenya)

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Just over a year ago I visited Kenya for the first time. I spent most of the day I took this photo in Robert Adie’s side yard, with his chickens, his neighbors, and a sensational 50mm f1.4 lens I was about to fall in love with.

This was the first time I took seriously what a bunch of out-of-focus blobby stuff could do  for you compositionally. The chickens were charming, too.

And this was my first sighting of a kid that would soon occupy hundreds of frames on my backup drive. Both his caregiver and that wall are pretty neat, too.

This is Robert Adie his very self, teaching me how to use a funnel woven out of grass to press oil or syrup.

When Robert came around the corner into his side yard and saw me sitting on an upturned bucket taking close-ups of his chickens, he said, “Ah, Paul Davis, you’re seeing things in a new way.”

I love her soapy hands. This was the sole shot in a long series in which she wasn’t smiling at me quizically, as if to say, “I’m only doing the dishes.”

Love his skin…and those eyes.

For this shot I’ve left Nairobi, inland at 6000 feet, for Mombasa, on the Indian Ocean and a whole lot hotter. Ageless eyes in a very young girl.

Sitting on the same steps a little later, Bunda Chibwe and the ten-year-old who would be the star singer at church the next day. Love their hands.

Moving on from Mombasa to Kisumu, other side of the country. Lunchtime on the grass.

Girl sheltering on mom.

Girl carrying brother to mom.

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